10 Minute Full Body Workout for Small Spaces

This 10 Minute Full Body Workout for Small Spaces will get your heart pumping and help tone your muscles in your upper body, lower body, and your core. You can easily follow along to this full body workout anywhere, including in a small apartment or outside. With no equipment needed, this is the perfect routine for you to get your workout done at home.

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Workout Details:

  • 10 Minutes
  • Interval Training
  • 2 Rounds
  • 10 Exercises
  • 30 seconds ON / 30 seconds REST
  • No Equipment Needed

This is a great full body workout for small spaces to get you moving, tone muscles, burn calories, and lose fat. The body-weight exercises in this workout combine abs, legs, & your upper body that, combined with cardio and proper nutrition, will help you lose weight and tone your total body.

10 Minute Full Body Workout for Small Spaces Summary

We will start out with a warm up of High Knees and then move on to 2 Rounds of 10 Body Weight Exercises, which we will do for 30 Seconds ON and then take 30 seconds REST.

Warm Up

0:03 – High Knees


1:23 – Squats
1:56 – REST
2:11 – Sit Ups
2:42 – REST
3:23 – No Push Up Burpees
4:00 – REST
4:56 – Goodmornings
5:33 – REST
6:00 – Butt Kicks
6:33 – REST
8:08 – Hundreds
8:39 – REST
10:02 – Reverse Lunges
10:38 – REST
11:44 – Donkey Kicks
12:19 – REST
13:34 – Pushups
14:05 – Workout Complete!


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