14 Minute At Home Body Weight Workout – No Equipment

This 14 Minute At Home Body Weight Workout with No Equipment will help burn calories and tone muscles. You can easily follow along to this body weight workout in any space, including in a small apartment, outside, or on your balcony. You don’t need any equipment for this workout but if you want to, you can add a resistance band like I did for a few of the exercises. If you’re looking to purchase a booty band like the one I have in the video only better, check out this resistance band set I found on Amazon.

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Body Weight Workout Details:

  • 14 Minutes
  • 1 Round
  • 12 Exercises
  • 45 seconds ON/15 seconds REST
  • Apartment Friendly

14 Minute At Home Body Weight Workout Summary

This is a great full body workout to get you moving, tone muscles, burn calories, and lose fat. Combined with regular exercise and proper nutrition, use this workout to tone your legs, butt, abs, and arms.

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We’re going to start the workout off with a warmup of High Knees and Jumping Jacks and then move into the body weight exercises. Each exercise will be done for 45 seconds, with 15 seconds rest in between. If you want a low impact warmup that’s easy on the knees, instead of high knees, try bringing one knee to your chest, one leg at a time. Instead of Jumping Jacks, step to the side while clapping hands above your head, come back to the centre and step out to the other side.

0:57 – High Knees
1:57 – Jumping Jacks Exercises

2:57 – Air Squats
3:57 – Knee Pushups
4:57 – Hips Dips
5:57 – Curtsy Lunge
6:57 – Hip Raises
7:57 – Donkey Kicks
8:57 – Split Squats – Left Leg
9:57 – Split Squats – Right Leg
10:57 – Flutter Kicks
11:57 – Tricep Dips
12:57 – Reverse Lunges
13:57 – Walking Lunges
14:46 – Thank you!



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