7 Best Ways to Stay Committed to Your Gym Membership

Keeping a gym membership can be really tough. Just when you think you are on track getting in regular workouts, life happens, and three weeks go by before you figure out why you’re once again winded carrying the laundry up the stairs. Hec, even the gym is betting against you as most take on more memberships than they can accommodate at one time because they know most people won’t show up.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. There are ways to hold yourself accountable so hitting the gym can become a habit and therefore a regular part of your life.

Kettlebells in a gym

7 Ways to Stay Committed to Your Gym Membership

Take Your Partner

Jessie & Pete Mogan, owners of The Rep Room London highly encourage their clients to workout with their partner. “Men and women were more likely to change or improve unhealthy behaviours like smoking, physical inactivity, or excessive alcohol consumption if their partner joins them. Peer pressure gets a bad rap, but it has its good points. It’s a lot tougher to bail on an early-morning training session if someone is next to you dragging themselves out of bed. Pairing up for workouts provides support and a healthy dose of accountability,” says Jessie. If you can’t take your significant other, find a friend with a similar schedule.

Woman and Man Exercising with Kettlebells in a gym

Choose an Inexpensive Beginner Gym

With the high costs associated with living a healthy lifestyle, an inexpensive gym will help you take responsibility for your health by providing an affordable means to do so and take away any possibility of excuses of not being able to afford the gym. Also, a less expensive gym has a less intimidating atmosphere. The discount gym franchise Planet Fitness advertises a “Judgement Free Zone” and no gym-intimidation. Often, serious lifters will go to the more expensive gyms with all the better equipment like a squat rack that’s not on rails. If you do not have a Planet Fitness or Fit for Less near your home, check out the local high school or community centre as they often have weight rooms that go unused. There’s also YMCA’s all over Ontario that offer even more than an inexpensive gym, like a pool, hot tub, and sauna.

Barbells on a Weight Rack in a Gym

Make a Routine

Just as it helps your sleep cycle to wake up at the same time each morning, fitting in going to the gym around the same time during the day helps you get into an exercise routine. We all think there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, but the truth is, we prioritize the activities we think are important. What could be more important than your own health? You are no good to anybody unwell, so prioritize your physical health and fit workouts into your routine.

Keep a Record of Your Progress

Before you go to the gym, plan out your workout and while you are there, record the weight and reps you lift while weight training and the machine and duration while doing cardio. This will help you keep track of your progress for motivation, allow you to increase your weight to avoid plateauing, and be physical proof of you reaching your goals.

Woman Recording Weight and Reps in a Gym

Share Your Fitness Routine

Tell your loved ones that you started going the gym. Share as much information as you are comfortable with like your goals, your successes, and your failures. When you are accountable to people other than you and your workout partner, you will be more likely to stay committed to attending the gym.

Make Nutrition a Priority

Making nutrition a priority while attending a gym helps you see exercise and nutrition as a way of life as opposed to obligation and will help you attend the gym regularly. If you feed more people than just yourself, buy a small scale like the Tenergy Digital Kitchen Scale and practice portion control on spaghetti night when you can’t make a separate meal for yourself.

A Taylor food scale

Set Goals with Deadlines

Many fitness classes or boot camps are fun and social, but they aren’t tailored for your specific needs. Attending a gym allows you to make a tailored routine designed around achieving your specific goals. Want abs? Want to bench 200 pounds? What to finally do a pull-up? Figure out your goals and set deadlines to reach them.

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