How To Do a Half Plank

In this video, we have special guest star Jenny de Miranda of BoHo Wellness here to break down step by step how to do a half plank properly and efficiently to get all the benefits from the exercise.

The Half Plank is a great exercise to practice if you’re just starting out with at home workouts or are new to planks. The half plank is an isometric exercise that improves core strength which will help with posture and overall stability. Being a compound exercise, learning how to do a half plank and perfecting your form will benefit not only your core, but also your legs, glutes, and arms.

How To Do a Half Plank

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Step 1: Start out in tabletop position with wrists stacked under shoulders and knees stacked under hips.

Step 2: Walk your hands forward about one foot until you create a straight line from your knees up to your shoulders.

Step 3: Shift your weight forward into your hands, tuck your tailbone and pull in your ribs, engaging your core and keeping the spine long.

About Jenny

Jenny is the owner of BoHo Wellness and teaches Boot Camps, Step Classes, H.I.I.T. Classes and personal training. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook.


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