How To Do a Standing Back Bend in Yoga

In this video, we have special guest star Gemma Carleton here to break down step by step how to do a Standing Back Bend in yoga properly and efficiently to avoid lower back pain.

A women doing the yoga back bend pose.

The Standing Backbend, or Anuvittasana in Sanskrit, is an especially important pose to learn how to do properly to avoid lower back pain because you might find it comes up a lot during your yoga practice. Watch this tutorial to not only avoid pain but also get all the benefits from the pose.

How To Do a Standing Back Bend in Yoga

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In a Back Bend, do you ever feel pain in your lower back? To avoid pain, use your bum! Engage your glutes muscles so you’re using your big glute muscles to keep your low back safe.

Step 1: Engage your glutes.

Step 2: Pull your chest up as you lean back, raising your arms as you lean.

About Gemma

Gemma is a certified yoga instructor, teaches fitness classes, and is a personal trainer. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook.


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