LEG & BOOTY Band Workout

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This LEG & BOOTY Band Workout will get your glutes firing and your quads burning. You can easily follow along to this lower body workout in any space, including in a small apartment, outside, or on your balcony. With only a resistance band needed, this is the perfect routine for you to get your workout done at home. If you’re just starting out, try the workout without a band first and then add resistance with a band next time.

Workout Details:

  • Band Exercises
  • 1 Round
  • 7 Exercises
  • 20 Reps or 10 Reps Each Side
  • Minimal Equipment
  • Apartment Friendly

LEG & BOOTY Band Workout Summary

This is a great lower body leg and glute workout to get you moving, tone muscles, burn calories, and lose fat. The body-weight exercises in this workout work your glutes, quads, and calves and combined with regular exercise and proper nutrition, will help you tone your legs and round your booty.

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We’re going to jump right into it the workout with Straight Leg Abductors. Each exercise will be either 20 reps total or 10 reps per side.


x10 – Straight Leg Abductors (Right Side)
x10 – Straight Leg Abductors (Left Side)
x20 – Squats
x20 – Step & Hold
x10 – Donkey Kicks (Right Side)
x10 – Donkey Kicks (Left Side)
x20 – Glute Bridges
x10 – Single Leg Glute Bridge (Right Side)
x10 – Single Leg Glute Bridge (Left Side)
x10 – Clam Shell (Right Side)
x10 – Clam Shell (Left Side)


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