Leg & Glute Yoga Flow

This Leg & Glute Yoga Flow will get your glutes firing and stretch your hamstrings and quads. You can easily follow along to this lower body flow in any space, including in a small apartment, outside, or on your balcony. With no equipment needed, this is the perfect routine for you to get moving at home.

Yoga Flow Details:

  • Quad, hamstring, calf, and glute stretch
  • 2 Rounds
  • No Equipment
  • Apartment Friendly

Leg & Glute Yoga Flow Summary

This is a great lower body leg and glute yoga flow to get you moving and tone and stretch your muscles. The body-weight movements in this yoga flow work your glutes, quads, and calves and, combined with regular exercise and proper nutrition, will help you tone your legs and round your booty.

We’re going to start this Yoga Flow with Sun Salutation B with Warrior variations and move into leg stretches such as Wide Leg Forward Fold, Goddess Pose, and The Cossack Lunge and wrap up with Sun Salutation A.


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