How To Get More Clients for Your Fitness Classes Using Social Media

Social media can be one of the most useful tools to get more clients into your fitness classes. However, in order for social media marketing to work properly you have to stay relevant, be seen, and stay ahead of your competition. This task can be daunting. Thankfully, we have some ideas that will help. Here are some useful tips to show you how to get more clients for your fitness classes using social media.

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How To Get More Clients for Your Fitness Classes Using Social Media

Determined Your Target Audience

Men in their sixties probably will not be interested in your Mom & Baby Yoga Class, just as young women probably would not be interested in a Strong Man Competition Training Class (probably being the operative word here). Find out the demographic of the people that would be interested in the classes you offer and target them.

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Post Relevant Content

To be seen on social media these days you must post often and post relevant content that your potential clients will care about. Once you have determined your target audience, find out what they like and what questions they need answered. For example, does your audience need to know the best shoes for winter running, how many reps to do with a 10-pound kettlebell, or the best ways to get back in shape after having a baby? Offer information & advice on subjects your potential clients are interested in.

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Post Photos & Videos of Your Fitness Classes

Posting photos and videos of your existing clients working out in your fitness classes and having a good time will show potential clients that exercise is fun in a social setting.

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Try posting a group photo of the class at the end of the session to show team camaraderie and encourage potential clients to take part. Post before & after photos of existing clients to show potential customers how successful they will be if they take your class. Post a customer testimonial video so potential clients get a positive message from a person that has taken your class.

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Tell Your Story

Potential clients will choose a personal trainer or fitness class based on who they relate to the most. Are you a mom, a fitness model, or a marathon runner? Show what you do in your spare time by posting photos and videos of your activities so that potential clients relate to you and want to know more about you. Post a portrait of you and tell the story of your personal fitness journey. Talk about any struggles you have had to overcome or your personal workout. Post photos of your fitness studio or gym so your clients know what to expect. For example, are there a lot of weights, is it an open space for classes and yoga mats, or is it mostly exercise bikes and treadmills.

Get Personalized Photos & Videos

I am sure you have realized you are going to need a lot of photos and videos to stay relevant, seen, and ahead of your competition on social media. While stock photo sites like or offer a lot of photos and videos at great rates, the problem is they aren’t customized to your story or services. If you’re going to pay for media anyway, your best bet is to hire a local photographer or videographer to do an on-location shoot of one of your fitness classes. Customized photography and videography will help you make a connection with potential clients while highlighting your services and showing off your fitness studio, the diversity of your existing clients, and what you offer.

This is where a photography company like Julie Whelan Photography can help. Julie Whelan Photography is a fitness, sport, and active lifestyle photographer specializing in environmental portraits & action sport images. Their goal is to provide dynamic portraits & action images of fitness instructors, athletic individuals, and athletes in competition & training environments. “We are SUPER passionate about photographing fitness and want to get you the best photos and videos possible to represent your business. To do that, we offer multiple photo and video packages to suit your social media needs and also have a set hourly rate so if you have a special request, we are happy to send you a quote,” says Julie.

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