Using Pilates & Physiotherapy for Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation

Sport & Orthopedic Physiotherapist and owner of Press Play Physio, Emma Jack, uses Pilates in her physiotherapy program as ‘prehabilitation’ for her clients.

Pilates Instructor Emma Jack Press Play Physio London Ontario

Pilates with Physiotherapy

Emma believes that preventing injury is an important part of the of the services she provides her clients and will offer Pilates classes out of @the Barre Pilates Studio. “I have a lot of experience working in football, hockey, golf, and dance and certainly see how that population can benefit from prehabilitation through Pilates,” says Emma.

Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist Emma Jack Instructing a Class

Emma the Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor

On top of being a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, Emma also has advanced training in her field to better serve her clients. “I have done extensive post graduate training to earn my designation as a sport physiotherapist and a second master’s degree in Manipulative Therapy. Having these two designations in combination is very rare and only a handful of physiotherapists in Canada hold both.”

Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor Emma Jack Instructing Client

Emma’s Clients

At ReActive Physio here in London, ON, Emma treats clients ranging from age 8 to 108 for a wide variety of sport and orthopedic injuries. “I would say my average client is someone who cares about their health and knows they need to be more active and engaged in physical activity to age more gracefully.”

Emma continues to work and train in physiotherapy to be a better physiotherapist for all her clients. “I am super passionate about helping people on their health journey but also like to work with other professionals in my field to ensure we are always pushing ourselves to use the best available information and techniques. I have had so many great physiotherapists and strength coaches help me on my professional journey and I want to continue to do the same for those behind me.”

Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor Emma Jack Instructing Pilates Class

Pilates for Injury Prevention

Pilates has a long list of benefits with long term effects on the mind and body. Pilates can be powerful in providing a place for the body to relax, rejuvenate, and release tension. It’s helpful in strengthening your muscles to prevent injury, helps with rehabilitating from injuries, improves posture, and increases flexibility, circulation, and balance. Mixed with a proper physiotherapy program, Pilates can be truly effective in preventing injury.

Pilates Class with Emma Jack of Press Play Physio

“A simplified version of Pilates exercises is used to lower the risk of hospital-related deconditioning in older adults. A Canadian study of hospitalized patients over the age of 70 found that those who were given a set of Pilates exercises that could be performed in bed recovered more rapidly than a control group given a set of passive range-of-motion exercises.”1

Pilates is also used as a form of muscle conditioning. “Resistance training, the essence of Pilates, is scientifically proven to create lean muscle and rev up your metabolism to burn calories all day long. Mr. Joe Pilates, the inventor, intended it to be about the art of control, an exercise method where you control your body, mind, and muscles. The moves he designed focus on core muscles in the abs, pelvic floor, lower back, proper alignment of the spine, and awareness of breath.”2

Strength Resistance Physiotherapy and Pilates Instructor Emma Jack

Pilates for You

Whether you’re a Pilates expert, want to try it for the first time or are somewhere in between, find out more about Emma and her physiotherapy practice, Press Play Physio and set up a private session. Follow what Emma is up to on her Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.

Emma Jack Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor


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